Em's Story

One story. One girl. One life.

Chapter Nine:

After describing the night’s event to Dee, we headed into town. There was nothing more i loved than going shopping with my best friend! Dee always had a great taste in clothes. We entered Zara, only to find Mazie. UGH! Great! What started out as a fun trip with my best friend, was soon going to become a disaster. Wherever Mazie goes, drama follows. Mazie is that blonde bimbo that’s popular, skinny as a twig, and has had more boyfriends than Elvis Presley has had number ones. When she noticed us, she glared at us. We hadn’t dont anything wrong. “Come on,” I said to Dee, “Lets go.”

"Oh hell no!" Dee said, getting all feisty. "We aint going nowhere! We have just as much right to be here as she does."

We began searching through the sale section, when I heard a stupid little high pitched clear-of-a-throat. I knew instantly who it was. “What do you want, Mazie?” I asked, without turning to her. 

"I want you to leave." She said.

I began laughing. “Well, I’m sorry, love, but you don’t have the authority to chuck us out!”

"Well actually, love, i do.” She paused, probably waiting for me to ask how. When I didn’t she continued. “My aunts daughter works here so-“

"Why dont you just say ‘cousin’?" 

"What?" And there it is! Blonde Bimbo Alert!

"Never mind…." I muttered. 

"Anyway, I can have you removed if I want -" Mazie had stopped mid sentence, and was staring just behind me. I turned and followed her gaze to find Joe walking through the doors. Great! As if this moment in time could get any worse….. Lets hope he doesnt see me-


Ah shit!

"Em? Is that you?" He began making his way over to where me and Mazie stood.

"You know him?" Mazie asked me, not taking her eyes off Joe.

"Unfortunately….."  I muttered.

She pushed passed me and walked up to Joe. “Hey.” She said, putting on her most flirtatious voice, “I’m Mazie! I’m a good friend of Em’s!”

WHAT?!?!?!?! I was so shocked I actually couldn’t move. I began to feel ill.

"Right…..?" Joe said, moving past Mazie and walking up to me. "You alright? You look unwell. My cooking that bad was it?" He said jokingly. He smiled. I did feel unwell. I wanted to leave right now. Where was Dee when I needed her? Actually, no. If she saw me and Joe together she would start asking questions. When I told Dee about last night, i may have missed out one important detail….The kiss. "Em?"

"Er….Yeah. I’m fine." I managed to say.

"Oh hey Joe!" Dee said, coming up to stand beside me. "What are you doing here?" She looked suspiciously at me. 

"Handing out my CV. Cant be working in a supermarket forever, you know."

"Oh i know!” 

Mazie noticed Dee’s attempt at flirting and made her own move. “So, I’ve not seen you around before.”

"No. i’m new. Just moved in. Actually, I live right next store to these two."

 ”Oh really! Well I’m always at their’s, you know, cos we’re such good friends!” She made a really cheesy grin which boaderlined creepy. 

"Wait, WHAT?" Dee burst out. "Us? Friends? Please! We wouldn’t have you as a friend even if you begged us!"

"Well that’s good because I’d never beg you for anything!” Mazie said viscously. Now that’s the Mazie i knew and hated.  

"Thats rich coming from the girl who begs her parents for money!" Dee spat.

"I dont beg them! Unlike you two, my family is rich!"

"And how do you know we’re not rich?" I butted in. 

"Have you seen what you look like?" I looked down. As much as I hated to admit it, she was right. For all anyone knew, we could have just bought our clothes from a charity shop. We didnt look good. "And as if you lot could afford anything from here!"

 ”Its not that expensive!” Dee butt in.

"It is for you!" Mazie hissed. "Well," Mazie continued, after a little pause and completely changing the tone of her voice to make it sound very sweet, "This has been very fun." She said smiling. "I’ll see you around." She smiled at Joe and walked out of the shop.

 ”What a load of bull!” Dee said. “UGH! She’s so annoying!” 

"And hot!" Joe said.

"Excuse me?" Dee asked. "Um……what about Em?"

"What about her?" Oh no. I could feel myself going red. 

"She told me about last night."

Joe began to laugh. “Oh really….? I didn’t think Em was the type of person to kiss and tell.”

Had they forgotten that I was right there?

"Wait, what?" Maybe it was better that they’d forgotten me, cos I could see where this was going. Dee turned to me. "You kissed him?"

I couldn’t look at her. “I said I couldn’t remember much…”

"Oh, sure! Like you’d forget a kiss. Come on Em. I’ve known you for ages, and I’ve never lied to you! What else have you lied about?"

"I didn’t lie." I said helplessly. I hated having an argument with Dee.

"What secrets have you been keeping from me?" 

"Nothing, I swear!" I said. I wanted to cry. I couldn’t loose my best friend! I just couldn’t. "You know what! I don’t care! I’m not talking to you anymore!" She stormed out of the store leaving me feeling more alone than ever before. 


Jessie J at the iTunes Festival 2012


Jessie J at the iTunes Festival 2012

My new video of a trailer for series 3 of Sherlock. Enjoy! :D xx

whothefuckcaresmate asked: Oh I see, wow that's still really good, so amazing! What actually is Community Arts Practice? Like, what does the course consist of? And yeah I got in for theatre :') xx

Well its like putting on workshops for people. so you know (dunno if you do, but you might) your school may hand out leaflets about acting/dancing/music workshops over the summer holidays and stuff like that. We’ll be looking at performing for children, running workshops, making and using puppets & touring a play. My mum says Im more likely to get a job out of doing this course, as its really hard to getting into acting. But i dont mind. As long as im doing something that i love! :D  Well dont for getting into theatre! xx